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Ideal accommodation venue

Offering a range of self catered rooms

Specific Events – Promotion Codes
If you are attending as part of a group, conference or specific event please enter the promotion code supplied by the lead booker.  This will enable you to reserve a room specifically reserved for your event at the agreed rate.

Cardiff University provides an ideal accommodation venue where visitors benefit from a central city location.  All rooms are single occupancy and there is a choice of en-suite, semi en-suite (2 rooms share a co-joining bathroom) and standard rooms, depending on your requirements.  The majority of our accommodation has been graded by VisitWales and has been awarded a Star Quality Grading ranging 2, 3 & 4.
We have rates available for 2 nights or more.  Please ensure your search selection above shows the number of nights you are looking for so all available options appear.

Should you experience any difficulties in using this online booking system, need to book more than 8 rooms or stay 8+ nights please email or call a member of the Conference & Events Team on +44 (0)29 2087 4616 / 6365.